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Prague, Telepathy and HTML5 IM Client

Hey guys!

Last week I’ve attended to GStreamerConf and LinuxConf conferences in Prague, and Siraj and I had the honor of having our current project for Collabora exposed on Collabora’s booth. It shared space with two others amazing Collabora‘s demos:

  1. Media Explorer running a Telepathy plug-in, which adds IM and Audio/Video capabilities to the system.
  2. HTML 5 client of a video editor, using GStreamer Editing Services on top of GtkWebkit.

A little bit about Telepathy Webkit Client

During the last few weeks I’ve been working on a Telepathy client, a very special one, written almost only with HTML 5 and Javascript, on top of GTK WebKit and Seed.
The goal of this project was writing a Telepathy based IM client, to run on top of WebKit, and it should be able do make and receive audio and video calls.

GObject introspection magic

The first question to be answered was “How access the Telepathy methods from Javascript?”

And the answer was: GIR and Seed.

As all Gnome developers know, GObject introspection (GIR) allows us to access a GObject written in C  from a scriptable language, such as Javascript. So that’s part of the answer.

And Seed binds those introspected objects on WebKit JavascriptCore, which is pretty much what we wanted to do.

Following a few screen-shots

Contact List

Our first goal was to show the Telepathy’s roaster list on a HTML5 window. For the widgets, we choose to use joApp, which is a quite nice and stable UI library for HTML 5 applications.


Chat Window

Telepathy chat window
What’s a IM client without a Chat window, right?!

The “tpwebkit” application with an opened text channel between two users.

Receiving a call

Telepathy WebKit application acting as a Telepathy approver for audio and video calls

That’s me, from the point of view of my test machine…

The real thing running

If you want to see the real thing running, you can watch this video showing the application during the early development state.

Conclusions and future work

As we can see from now, Telepathy is ready to be use on native and HTML applications.
I really would like to see the current implementation integrated with the bleeding edge RTC API, which some guys are pushing to WebKit. That would be something really awesome.

If you want to try it, you can get the code here and play with it. You’re also going to need a few special changes on Seed package. Check the linuxconf branch here.
Or, if you use Ubuntu, you can add Xavier’s PPA and install the tpwebkit package.

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