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Pychord 0.4 Release

Hi All…

I’m not having much time to work on my personal projects ( pychord by example ) cause I’m having a lot of tasks to do ( and to learn ) on my college and on my new job.

But I’m here to talk about pychord, so let me do it! =)

Tim wrote a lot of good suggestions on garage’s foruns. So, I’m working on their ideas now. I need to say “thanks” to Tim cause he gave me a lot of good suggestions to make pychord better. Thank you Tim!

On this last weekend I worked in “Zoom IN/OUT ” feature and change the font of the chord’s screen. I think that pychord is a little better now.

You can get it here, or do a “upgrade” on your device.

That is all!

Have a nice week!

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