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PyChord for Maemo: Get your .install here!

Finally, Pychord is almost ready!

All features (about 1.0 version) are working. Now I need to work in two different lines.

[1] I didn’t have enough knowledge about pygame when I started this project. So I need to change some parts of the code to fix wrong decisions that I made before.
[2] If you are using this application, please, give me a feedback and I will try to make it better!

Then I will start to develop the 1.1 version ( with some features that I promised before ).

In this version, I created a configuration file (/home/user/.pychord.conf), and this file has to have two simple lines:


db” is your DataBase file, with all your chords. Its a sqlite’s file.
datadir” is the folder where pychord will get the chords to put into database file on update process.

You can edit these options by clicking on “i” symbol in PyChord’s first screen. You can also choose by what type of update you want: Full-update or Incremental Update. In Full-update you will lose all your database data. In incremental update pychord will get all files of your datadir and put into database.

All files in your datadir folder have to have the “.chr” extension, and have to be like this example:

Name: Music Name
Artist: Music Artist Name
D#       E      F
Your chords
D #      E      F
Your chords
D       E#      F
Your chords

(Two first lines are used like headers, describing the Name of the music and the name of the Artist. Followed by the chords)

Ok, its too easy right?!

So, you have to have a directory (datadir) and put all your files there. Default folder is /home/user/pychord/data. Don’t forget to update your database when you start to use this application.

So, Ok! Now you can download .install here!

If you have problems to install this application, try again by searching for it on ApplicationManager->Browse Installable Applications->others->pychord

If you have any problems after that (or suggestions), please, let me know!



  1. Alex

    Looks very promising. I’m keeping my eyes on this development. I searched everywhere but I don’t see anybody comment whether Pychord supports nokia 770 or not.

    Posted on 18-Sep-07 at 8:55 pm | Permalink
  2. It’s a good question Alex.. But I think PyChord also runs on Nokia770. Because I only used pygame and sqlite on this project. I did not use hildon or another things… So, I think pychord works on N770 too.

    Anyway, someone can test it for me?

    Posted on 19-Sep-07 at 4:32 am | Permalink
  3. Alex

    Based on your comment, I tried your first release candidate install on my nokia 770 latest 2006 os and it failed to install. That’s too bad. Nice concept…hopefully someone will port it in the future.

    Posted on 19-Sep-07 at 6:45 pm | Permalink
  4. Alex, try to install “.deb” file in command line (xterm or something).
    If it fails, send me the error message.

    probably it fails on 770 with .install file because I didn’t put there informations about non-bora repositories.

    Posted on 20-Sep-07 at 4:27 am | Permalink
  5. saje

    Hi, I like the idea very much, but I could not install pychord from the link given. On my N800, when I click the link, I select Open (in the Application Manager) in the File Download dialog then for a brief time I see download window with 0% and then the Application Manager says Operation Failed.

    Also, does this require sqlite to be installed separately. If so, where do I get it from? Download area doesn’t seem to have it for N800.

    Posted on 20-Sep-07 at 1:09 pm | Permalink
  6. Saje, I had problems with .install too…
    Some times it works, some not it not works… Just try again.

    I put sqlite in my repository… It is a pychord’s dependency. But it will be automatically installed with pychord. No problem.

    Posted on 20-Sep-07 at 7:49 pm | Permalink
  7. Hey, Danilo… Just wondering if you could update your repo with 0.4… Maemo Garage seems to be malfunctioning. Thanks!

    Posted on 08-Oct-07 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

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